Dr Alicia Ashley, DVM
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
I grew up in the countryside of Prince Edward Island and spent most of my life on this picturesque little Island.
I have been fascinated by the natural world and animals since I can remember. 
Whether I was nursing an injured wild bird back to health, or cuddling with our family kitties,
I knew from an early age that I wanted to choose a path that allowed me to help animals. 


Dr Alicia Ashley IMG_6050.jpeg
Dr Alicia Ashley IMG_6014.jpeg
I pursued studies in biology and animal sciences at both the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus and the University of Prince Edward Island.
Accepted into the
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI, 
I graduated with honours in 2013.
That same year, my husband and I moved to Vancouver Island which we, with our young son and our senior kitties, now happily call home.
Before joining Home Comfort Veterinary Housecalls I worked in general small animal practice.
I bring my expertise in animal health care, compassion and understanding to every encounter I have with pets and their families.