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A Gentle GoodBye... 

Palliative care and Peaceful Home Euthanasia

Sure, there are a few hardships to taking responsibility for a pet...
      the feeding, bathing, grooming,
                                 walking, litter box scooping, pet hair,
                                                                 nail trimming, housetraining accidents,
                                          5am sloppy kiss wake up calls,
                               muddy paws, scratched furniture,
                     little pawprints on the counter
              doggie breath....
BUT the greatest hardship BY FAR,
                      is having to say goodbye.
Sadly, every one of us who has ever loved an animal
                                 is destined to lose a piece of our heart
                                                 when it's time for our pet to move on from this life.


When your pet's time is drawing near, it's normal to second guess yourself, to feel doubt and anger and sadness.
In the midst of all this, your job as a pet owner is still to care for your pet through this difficult but important part of their life.
It's so hard to know what the right thing is to do... or when.
Quality of life: How will I know when it's time?
Well, every pet is different. Every family is different.
Here are a few suggestions that may help you evaluate your pet's quality of life.
  • Think of the three activities your pet finds the most enjoyable or important.
        *A dog's list may include car rides, walks together or going outside to eliminate & not having accidents in the house.            My dog's #1? Going to the dog park!
        *A cat's list may include bird watching, playing chase the laser light, or staying beautiful by grooming.
         My cat's #1? Lounging on the foot part of the recliner while I'm on my laptop.
Peaceful Home Euthanasia


Is there a way to make the death of a beloved pet easy?
No, no there isn't.
Still, we can do our best to make your pets passing as peaceful and painless as possible.
Drifting off in your own bed with your family by your side is about as good as it gets - for the pet.
For the pet's family, there can be some comfort taken in providing as gentle a passing as possible, and in having the privacy and familiar surroundings of home.
  • Evaluate whether enjoyable activities are still part of your pet's day on most days.
  • Monitor your pet's appetite, activity level and weight. Small changes day to day can be unnoticeable, but they add up.
  • Keep track of your pet's good days vs. bad days.
When we schedule a home euthanasia, we'll usually have
discussed your pet's condition and options beforehand.
When I arrive, I'll meet your pet in a calm gentle unhurried way, 
and answer any questions you may have. 
If we agree to proceed, the pet will be given a medication that includes pain control and sedation, to help the pet be painfree, calm, relaxed and then sleepy, settling into a deep comfortable sleep.

I carry a Pawpals kit with me.

While your pet is sleeping, I will make a keepsake pawprint for you.

When you're ready, a euthanasia solution will be given that will deepen the sedation, and then the pet will pass.
Almost always, the pet will be unaware of this last step - no stress, no fear, no pain.

The fee for a home euthanasia includes the housecall fee and the euthanasia together: $355+gst.

If you wish, your pet can come with me when I leave your home, and I will coordinate the aftercare for you.
Your pet's aftercare will by handled by Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services, who provide pet cremation.
The owners of Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services,
Andre and Tara Ladourette, take the careful respectful aftercare of your pet seriously.

I trust them with my own pets.
Aftercare options are either general cremation, or individual cremation which includes delivery home of the cremains (ashes) in about a week. The fee for aftercare varies by size of the pet, and the service chosen.

If an individual cremation is chosen,
with everything handled separately

and the cremains delivered home in about a week,

the fee would be the general cremation price plus $150.

GST applies to the total.

For general cremation  (no ashes returned)

the fees are:

   Cat: $50

   Small dog:     $100

   Medium dog: $150

   Large dog:     $200

   X-large dog:  $250

GST applies to the total.