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A Gentle Goodbye


Sure, there are a few hardships to taking responsibility for a pet....


the feeding, walking, litterbox scooping, pet hair, nail trims, house training accidents, 5am sloppy kiss wake-ups, muddy paws, destroyed furniture, pawprints on the counter... and don't forget - doggy breath...

...but the greatest hardship by far is having to say 

Woman Hugging Dog

Gentle Goodbyes are designed in a way that allows you and your pet to be as relaxed and calm as possible during the whole process.

Home Comfort Care allows your pet to be cuddled in their favourite spot, in their familiar environment, and in your arms, where they can gently drift off and you can be satisfied knowing that they are at peace. 

What to expect

Our Arrival on the day of our appointment

Beginning of the Appointment

When the veterinarian arrives, they will greet your pet in a calm, gentle, unhurried manner, and answer any questions that you may have at that time.  

Sedation & Pain Relief

Step 1 of the Gentle Goodbye process. 

When it is time to proceed, your pet will be given a medication that includes pain control and sedation, to help the pet be pain-free, calm, relaxed and then sleepy, settling into a deep comfortable sleep. 

Keepsake for you to cherish

After your pet has been sedated.

Each veterinarian carries a paw print kit with them.
While your pet is sleeping comfortably,  they will make a keepsake pawprint for you.

The Gentle Goodbye

Step 2 of the Gentle Goodbye process. 

When you're ready, a euthanasia solution will be given that will deepen the sedation, and then your beloved pet will pass away gently. Almost always, the pet will be unaware of this last step - no stress, no fear, and most importantly- no pain.
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