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Fees & Payment Options


$445 +gst

the veterinary housecall

See Aftercare options below

NOTE: Payment is respectfully requested at the time of service.

Payment Options

We'll generally email an invoice before the appointment. The invoice can be paid online before the appointment, or at the appointment.
Online payment options include E-transfer (preferred) Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

In person at the appointment, our
 smartphones can accept Debit cards (preferred), Cash (also preferred), Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Through the online invoice only, another payment option is Afterpay, to pay over 6 weeks, interest-free.  Click for more about Afterpay




Cremation packages for your pet
Aftercare is an optional add-on and refers to the cremation of your pet. When we have laid your pet to rest, we will take care of the details allowing you to spend time grieving and remembering your loved one.

There are two options available for cremation:

  • General Cremation is aftercare where your pet will be cremated alongside other animals. Because of this, no ashes are returned to you. Cost is dependent on pet size. In order to determine your General Cremation fee, please see the table below.
  • Individual Cremation is aftercare where your pet is cremated by itself in a private cremation service. Ashes will be returned to you in about 10 days, in an elegant wooden urn.  

We will transport your beloved friend home with us and arrange your selected aftercare (cremation services), making sure that the utmost respect and care is implemented during every step when handling your pet.
We carry a stretcher with us but will require assistance for larger animals to carry to our vehicle. If no one will be able to help, please let us know, and we can send a helper.

Your pet's aftercare will be handled by Honor Your Pet Aftercare Services, who provide pet cremation.
The owners of Honor Your Pet Aftercare ServicesAndre and Tara Ladourette, take the careful respectful aftercare of your pet seriously.

We trust them with our own pets.

Individual Cremation

Individual cremation service

Ashes delivered home in an elegant wooden urn.

General Cremation

No ashes returned.

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